What You Ought To Know About Paxos – The Island Of Tranquility & Purity

No one can delineate the beauty of the majestic island of Paxos in a few words. This is the wonderful place to traverse with its tranquil and unspoilt approach. Its tranquility makes it unique from all other tourist destinations. Visitors who love to explore the undiscovered beauty and want to spend their vacation in a less-crowded place can plan for a trip to this Greek island.

It is spread in the area of just 19 square kilometers with about 30 beaches, countless olive trees, wild flowers, cypress trees, pine trees, sheer cliffs and breathtaking sea caves. All are just adorable and enchant you with its old-fashioned appearance and centuries-old settlement. There is no airport, so, you will have to book a ferry from the Corfu, which will drop you at the main port of this Island.

Well, the journey from the Corfu to Paxos is not so long, takes about 15 to 20 minutes. And, you can enjoy every minute gazing at the twinkling sea and azure water en route.

Just after stepping out the feet from the ferry to the port, you can feel the freshness you have read in travelling blogs and sites for this idyllic island. The clean skyline with no sign of air pollution and clean paths without noise pollution- what an unspoilt beauty this Greek island has. Not only the land and skyline, but the beaches and water are so pure. You can feel refreshed swimming and snorkeling in the crystal-clear water. You can walk on the beaches without thinking twice. However, beaches in Paxos are pebbles; so, bring the beach shoes with you.

When you go inside the island, then few abandoned villas and forgotten churches can amaze you with their beautiful artistry work and cultural heritage. You have museum too, where you can explore the history of this Island and Greece apparently. What if you are hungry and looking for a restaurant for having brunch or lunch? Well, there are some restaurants in the Gaios, which are good to offer you the delicious food.

Dozens of traditional tavernas are also there, which you must visit to have your lunch in Greek style with Greek dishes. And, if you want to quench your thirst for a good drink, then you can come to Loggos. This fishing village has some good bars to serve you varieties of liquor, wine, and cocktail.

The best part of this island is the peace and purity, which you can feel everywhere. Eye-catching scenery, beautiful landscapes, picturesque hills with tranquil beaches and azure sea can make you stay here forever. Locals are also so friendly and always available to help you whenever is needed.

Apart from this, the island has some privately owned villas which are available on rent for tourists at quite reasonable rates with luxury amenities and enough open and private space.