Enjoy Ibiza’s Quieter Side This Summer

The summer vacations for your kids are approaching, and many of you have not yet decided on your holiday destination. If you are planning to enjoy a relaxed vacation with loads of water sports like snorkeling, water skiing along with a nice tour through the city, then choosing Ibiza would be ideal for you. Even though this city is known for its wild nightlife, it also has a quieter side to it.


Ibiza is the third largest island of Balearic archipelago in Spain. It is located in the Mediterranean Sea and it is a UNESCO world heritage site. Barcelona in Spain is the closest city to Ibiza which can be used as a destination to reach via a flight. The Barcelona Ibiza ferry route connects Spain with Ibiza and most of the tourists reach Ibiza through this route. After checking in to your hotel, these are some of the places which you can visit during your stay in Ibiza.

Dalt Vila

Dalt Vila or the upper town is filled with the Renaissance military architecture. If you are looking for a quiet summer vacation in Ibiza, then start your tour at the beginning of Carrer del Calvari street. Spend around two hours strolling on the streets and enjoying the view of the city, the harbor, the castle, the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Snows, the military tunnels and the old palaces and courtyards.

Museo Puget

This is a museum meant for art lovers. In 1981, the Ibizan painter Narciso Puget Riquer donated his paintings to the local government. This museum has the collection of about 130 paintings of Riquer and his father. This museum’s gothic architecture too will take your breath away. Enjoy the oil paintings, water color paintings and sketches of this duo while enjoying your favorite wine or drink.

Convento de San Cristobal

This sacred and religious site is a convent and it does not allow the visitors to enter the place. However, you may try some pastries made by the nuns here.

Ibiza Museum of Contemporary Art

This place once housed the ”Hall of Arms” of the ”Royal Force Ibiza.” However, now this place is open to all, and it was reopened to public in 2012. This place has free entrance and also free lockers for keeping your belongings while you enjoy the works of art. There are water color paintings which are housed on the upper floor, and the photographs are decorated on the ground floor. The museum was first built in 1960, and it houses paintings of renowned artists like T├ápies and Miralles, among others. There are works of lesser-known artists and natives of the Balearic Islands too. There are archaeological remains among its collection.

Necropolis del Puig des Molins

All archaeological lovers should visit this place and this treasure was built by the Phoenicians. Way back in 7th century BC, when most of the civilizations in the modern era did not exist, the works done by the natives really will make you wonder about the culture of this place. There are more than 3,000 carved markers in these well-preserved graves. There is a famous bust of the Goddess Tanit whom the natives worshipped on this land.

Cala Jondal, Cala Bassa, Ses Salines, Cala d’Hort and Cala Comte beaches are some of the places which are ideal for sun bathing and water sports. Laze around these beaches and gorge on some of the Ibiza country bread, olives and alioli, paella, grilled squid, bread crust salad, or fish stew along with some great cocktails and mocktails. You may also choose to spend an entire day enjoying the panoramic views of Cala d’Hort. The serene turquoise water and magnificent white sand will take away all your weariness and you will be ready to start your work with a new vigor after this magnificent vacation.

After spending the quiet days exploring the city, if you feel like having some fun in the evenings, then the night clubs will invite you with open arms.