How to Get Kids Skiing on Family Skiing Holidays

When it’s cold and you’re in a new place it can be difficult to get your child excited and motivated to go skiing. However, if you are well prepared and organized a family skiing holiday can be the perfect break and act as the base for fond memories to last a lifetime.

Children can start skiing from a young age and, with practice, become accomplished at the activity making it enjoyable as well as ensuring they’ll want to return year after year.

The best start to a family holiday skiing is to ensure they are going to be looking forward to the holiday before you get there. By talking about the holiday early, showing your children on a map as well as pictures of where you are going to be visiting and even by watching clips of the Winter Olympics, you will be sure to get the kids looking forward to the trip rather than dreading leaving friends and home.

When you arrive at your snowy location make sure to keep your child warm at all times, as you may well know nothing guarantees tantrums like getting cold and wet. Be sure to pack well fitting ski boots, waterproof gloves, thermals and plenty of layers, as by making sure your child’s winter gear fits correctly you avoid letting cold air circulate around the body. Many ski resorts offer kit hire so if you have forgotten anything make sure to ask rather than go without. Also by fitting in regular hot chocolate and snack breaks children will stay warmer and this will also keep them occupied with their mind off of the cold and onto the next activity.

The most important thing to remember when planning your family skiing holiday is to keep it fun. When children are entertained they are more willing to learn and will become pro-skiers in no time, perhaps surpassing your own skills on the slopes! By choosing a family friendly ski resort you take away the pressure of filling every minute of the day where they often provide not only ski classes for children but also entertainment. This can also provide some well earned rest for you and your partner where skiing, although fun, can be tiring and by booking the children into childcare activities you avoid the possible family arguments that can occur when drained from a day on the slopes. When the kids come back from their snow clubs and lessons they’ll be ready to show you all they have learned and you can enjoy skiing together as a family.