Fun Family Events at La Tania Ski Resort

If you’ve been planning a family ski holiday and you’re looking for cosy ski chalets, La Tania has everything you’re looking for. It may be a small town but there’s always much more than skiing happening here. Along with the other resorts in the Three Valleys, La Tania has a host of exciting activities and events (ski and non ski related) happening all year round.

International Fireworks Festival (February – March 2012)

The first International Fireworks Festival was held in 2003 when Courchevel – the Valley that La Tania is situated in – decided to create its first International Pyrotechnic art festival. The festival features great fireworks shows put on by several specialist pyrotechnic companies, eager to show off their expertise. Every year there is a theme and in 2012, to celebrate the festival’s 10th anniversary, the winners from the past four years will compete against each other. They are SUREX from Poland, FABA from Italy, PRIVATEX from Slovakia and FIRE EVENT from Austria. During the festival, the night sky is lit up with elaborate fireworks, against the backdrop of snow and stars. An award ceremony is held at the end of the festival, which attracts close to 10,000 spectators every year. After a full day of fun on the slopes, if you wish to leave your ski chalets, La Tania can take your breath way with this wonderful, competitive display of fireworks.

Three Vallees Enduro (April 2012)

If your family plans to go on holiday at the Three Valleys and stay in one of the beautiful ski chalets, La Tania can offer you many thrilling events to keep you occupied If you love skiing (which is probably a given if you’re here!), this event was made with you in mind! To celebrate the coming of spring, every year all the Three Valleys resorts host what’s now called the Trois Vallees Enduro, formerly known as the Trois Vallees X-Wing Rally. It’s one of the biggest gatherings of amateur skiers from across the globe that gets together to compete and have fun. It’s definitely a friendly competition though, and families and friends are encouraged to participate in a jovial, sporty atmosphere, where teams of three compete in various categories of races. Simply put, the Trois Vallees Enduro is every amateur skiers dream. There are lots of races, like the ski cross on Meribel’s Moon Park for competitors of all ages; the Triplette des Balleville, where teams race against each other on three parallel slaloms at the Les Menuires’s slalom stadium; and the Courchevel Freeride, a race that allows families to show off their free styling skiing skills. This fun event usually features a Savoyard buffet lunch and an impressive awards ceremony at the end of the day.

Giant Snow Battle (March 2012)

During this adventurous snow battle, huge snow blocks are erected and the objective is for each team to seize the flag of the opposing side. They must do this however, without getting hit by a snowball! Teams are made up of seven and are given a limited number of snowballs to use during timed play. It may seem a little like your typical snow fight in the park, but in this snow battle you’ll need more than good arm throwing skills; teams can’t get by without good tactics and strategies! This event attracts throngs of families who come either to participate or observe. If you’re staying in local ski chalets, La Tania provides some heart thumping fun with this great family event.