A Superb School Ski Trip Resort

The French Alps are one of the most enduringly popular sights in Europe, drawing people from all around the globe with their natural beauty, easygoing culture – and superb skiing. With seemingly endless variety of skiing routes, and something to appeal to every age and ability level, this is a region eminently suited to hosting a school ski trip. When it comes to offering an exciting and secure environment for young people, there are many excellent resorts in the French Alps, and one of the best is the picturesque village Montgenevre, located near the Italian border. Montgenevre is known for its sunny weather and great skiing conditions, and is especially popular with families and school groups thanks to its range of activities and quiet nights. Read on to learn more about what awaits at this first-rate resort.

Skiing in Montgenevre

When planning a school ski trip, a key consideration is finding a resort with ski routes suitable for the level of your group. Young people are fast to learn the basics of skiing, and often progress quickly from beginner to intermediate, so it is important to choose a destination that offers plenty of opportunity for advancement. Montgenevre, with its excellent variety, is an ideal choice, offering nursery slopes around the village, an exciting range of pistes further up, and the option of venturing further afield to the more challenging routes around nearby Claviere. With an extensive system of lifts and good links to adjacent skiing areas, this is not a place in which students are ever likely to get bored.

Other Activities

Another important element in ensuring a successful school ski trip is making sure your group will have plenty to keep them entertained and active in between sessions on the slopes. This is where Montgenevre really comes into its own, with a smorgasbord of options. For alternative winter activities beyond skiing, there is the thrill of sledging and the fun of ice-skating. For things to do out of the cold, there is a wealth of indoor options, from discos and karaoke to shopping in the lively nearby town of Briancon.

History and Culture

To find an excellent ski resort that also boasts interesting local history and culture is a bonus for any school ski trip organiser, and Montgenevre is ideal in this regard. With its proximity to the Italian border, this has always been an area of cultural exchange, and has seen visitors coming to enjoy the mountain scenery and the potential for winter activities for well over a hundred years. It is one of the oldest ski resorts in France, dating officially from 1907 – but its skiing heritage is even older, the sport having been introduced to the village by the Norwegian army in 1895.