Explore Rajasthan In A Train Tour

Rajasthan is one of the destinations that India proudly houses for the royal rajput treasures. The glorious state is famous with the name of Royal Rajasthan primarily because of the imperial grandeur and the incredible edifices that are scattered all over its territory. It inhabits a unique cultural aspect which is exclusive to India and people from all over the world love to explore this multi-faceted city. To get the best of this city, luxury train tours are organized so that every nook and cranny of this state can be explored with ease. These royal train delights take travelers to the most prominent cities of Rajasthan and some other fascinating destinations nearby.

One of the destinations covered by such train tours is Jaipur which is positioned at the semi desert land of the Thar Desert in Rajasthan and is internationally famed as the pink city of India. It served as the capital city of royal maharajas in the past, but now it is the capital city of Rajasthan apart from being the largest and one of the oldest cities of India. It is around 12th century old. The pink city is known for its rich cultural heritage with royal traditional values and ancient structures. Jaipur is a complete picture of Rajasthan’s royal culture, the traditional customs of the place, and the life style of the rural people. Apart from the traditional and cultural values, Jaipur is world famous for its architectural monuments. The architectural beauty of Jaipur showcases the perfect fusion of Mughal and Rajputana style of architecture which leaves the visitors amazed at their work. It is home to some of the magnificent palaces and forts, having spectacular architecture and designed in such a way which leaves one totally spellbound. The rich and vibrant culture of India can very well be seen in Jaipur’s historical structures. One such example is the City Palace of Jaipur; this huge palace consists of some of the best of what Jaipur offers. It has some wonderful courtyards, beautifully designed gardens and some imperial structures like the Mubarak Mahal, Chandra Mahal, City Palace museum and some divine temples which leave one amazed to the core.

After Jaipur, it is Udaipur whose magnificent lakes and palaces are covered gracefully. From Delhi’s historic monuments to Agra’s rich heritage, from Jaisalmer’s desert safaris to Udaipur’s romantic lakes and landscapes, the royal Rajasthan train tours include the best destinations in India to make your cultural visit worthwhile and memorable.