The Kingdom of Dreams – Munnar

Munnar is the hill station situated in the Western Ghats in the state of Kerala, gods own country. Munnar is one of the most popular tourist places of the state. The green hill station offers nature at its best. Eco tourism is too much prevalent here and the lower amount of pollution makes the place a perfect holiday destination. The name means “three rivers”. The town is set at the confluence of the three rivers, Madhurapuzha, Nallathanni and Kundaly. The weather of this hill station is so fine that one feels elevated and happy in the calm and serene environment of the place. The place is the amalgamation of beautiful green hills, pristine lakes, energetic and vibrant waterfalls and the beautiful green plantation.

Munnar offers a lot of places to visit apart from the mesmerizing natural beauty of the place. There are various tour packages which tours Munnar and all the tour packages are very successful amongst the many travelers who give this place a visit from all over the world. The enchanting Atukkad waterfalls, which is a tourist spot in the area appears so beautiful and rejuvenating as it simply makes the lush green environment of the place with an exotic ambiance. The waterfall is a must visit, as the sight is picturesque.

A visit to the eco point is a must as it is situated at the top of Munnar where there is a small lake which is surrounded by rolling hills. The sight looks so brilliantly serene and enthralling as every sound made from the point returns by the echo as the place is surrounded by hills. So, this fascinating place is a must visit for every tourist visiting this place. The Pothamedu view point is another significant hill top, which gives a clear view of all the plantation of the area. The widespread tea plantation of the place is a must see as the beauty which it presents is picture perfect. The perfect smell of coffee and cardamom, which fills the air, is so much enchanting. In the tranquil scenery of Pothamedu, one can also take part in trekking and one loves to take a walk in the hill which is surrounded by emerald hues.

There is the CSI Church which is a major religious place and is known for its beautiful stone carved architecture. There are various museums in the areas well. Then the plantation garden is also very famous, as in the garden one can witness, tea plantation, coffee and spice plantation and the aroma of the place is also very fascinating. The Carmelagiri elephant park is also a tourist destination as here one can see wild elephants. There are naturalists who take care of these inhabitants as they roam freely in the area.

Munnar holiday packages brings a lot more than what is expected and the appealing emerald hue of the place is so fine that it can sway your soul away.