5 Unbelievable Ways To Keep Cool When Summer Camping

With the sun raging and the large crowd of campers in a single campsite, one can easily feel overwhelmed with the heat. But don’t worry – there are plenty of ways to beat the summer heat when you’re outdoors! Don’t let the heat ruin your fun adventure – after all, summer is still the best season to camp according to many!

Pitch your tent in a shaded spot

Where you set up camp during a hot summer day is very important. But finding a good spot during summer time is tricky since most campsites are crowded. Ideally, you’ll want to pitch your tent in an area that is shaded with a constant breeze. If you can’t find a spot that has shade, use your car as a shield from the heat. Also pitch your tent late in the afternoon when the sun is less harsh so it won’t feel like a sauna inside when you enter.

Make your own shade

Use a reflective tarp or a space blanket as shade, just put over the roof of your tent to reflect the heat back up to the sky. If you have trees to tie around to, use a regular tarp as a roof above your tent.

Move your tent

To keep the heat out of your tent, consider packing it down when you wake up in the morning then pitch it again later in the afternoon. If this is not possible, make sure to move it away from direct sunlight when not in use or when you’ll be away from camp.

Open up!

To help the air circulate inside your tent, open the doors and windows when not in use. When it’s bed time, you can zip them up and remove the rainfly instead to allow the heat and moisture to escape(don’t forget to check the weather forecast first to make sure there isn’t any unexpected rainfall!) because when you’re sleeping, the hot air moves up the tent and condenses on the rainfly.

Take care of yourself

Wear light-colored and breathable clothing to keep you comfortable while summer camping. On a particularly hot sunny day, dip a piece of cloth in water and tie it around your neck to help you cool down. Also take a shower before going to bed and remember to always hydrate!

Follow these easy ways to keep cool when summer camping and don’t let the heat ruin your fun again!