Travel Facts About Singapore Everyone Should Know

Singapore, a giant city-state of Asian continent, ideally famous for its exquisite diversity and magnificent culture that comprises many religions, ethnicity and regional values. Each year, if not millions, then thousands of tourists fly their way to Singapore to explore this tremendous lion city which have been building itself to become one of the most fabulous and famous getaway destination in the world. With features that have been alluring voyagers from around the world, you…

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Enjoy Ibiza’s Quieter Side This Summer

The summer vacations for your kids are approaching, and many of you have not yet decided on your holiday destination. If you are planning to enjoy a relaxed vacation with loads of water sports like snorkeling, water skiing along with a nice tour through the city, then choosing Ibiza would be ideal for you. Even though this city is known for its wild nightlife, it also has a quieter side to it. Location Ibiza is…

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Delhi to Manali Volvo: The Best Mode of Transportation

The capital city of India, Delhi is the perfect amalgamation of culture, traditions and history. Rightly called the culture capital of India, Delhi finds people from all corners of the country residing in its heart. While the city itself is close to numerous getaway destinations, which can be reached within a day, it’s the plethora of tourist destinations and historical places within the city that attract most of the people to the city. The splendor…

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