The Ideal Destinations For This Summer

The summers are here and we’re all ready to beat the heat by partying like never before. If you’re also looking forward to having the time of your life for this holiday season then this article is just the thing you need to read. Mostly when it comes to summers, the ideal destinations to visit are somewhere with the perfect weather. We neither want too hot and neither do we look forward to too cold climates. Many people in the west head to the beaches and sea side areas to enjoy the sun’s heat. Whereas people living in tropical areas like to head out towards areas surrounded by icy mountain peaks. So depending on your preferences grab your Cathay Pacific flight today and fly to these amazing summer spots.

1. Hawaii

Hawaii is probably the best beach destination that can be found in the world. Many people from all around the world love to head out towards this beach destination in the summers. In Hawaii you get the chance to gaze at real life volcanoes in all their glory in the National Volcano Park. The Polynesian Cultural center is popular for hosting events to entertain tourists and inform them about the local culture at the same time.

2. Bora Bora

This small island located in the northwest of Tahiti is made of a cluster of even smaller islets. The water is blue and looks so deep and refreshing that it makes one want to drown in this lagoon. You get to stay the night at amazing resorts near the Matira point which gives you a clear sea side view of the sunrise and sunset. Also, sea sports such as scuba diving, deep sea diving are quite popular amongst tourists that come to visit here. All of these activities can be indulged in at the Playa Matira.

3. Amsterdam

This beautiful city of Netherland is a popular site to visit amongst tourists. You may not find any beaches here but that does not mean this city is behind in terms of entertainment. The capital offers various visiting sites that are of cultural and archeological significance throughout the world. Since it has been the home of many music moguls all around the world, many of the places such as the Van Gogh Museum were built to treasuries ancient musical artifacts. Other then this you can also find many museums of modern art as well which house classics from Rembrandt and Vermeer.