Here’s What You Need to Know Before Selecting a Mileage Program

Frequent flyer programs are incredible in many ways. Whether you are interested in luxury travel or frugal flying, everything is possible when you invest in the right mileage program. You’ll come across plenty of choices, and each airline has some good when you select its program. However, not every program is meant right for your needs.

If you really wish to make the most of your frequent flyer program, you must know how to select the right frequent flyer program. Here’s a guide to help you select the best one out there.

1. Type of Traveler

The first thing to consider before you select a mileage program is to consider what kind of a traveler you are. Not everyone has the same flying objectives and you need to set yours straight before you set out on a journey.

While some people would just not skip any chances of flying freely, others would focus more on getting a higher status and enjoying the flying luxuries. Every program offers distinct facilities, ensure you select the one that offers you exactly what you ask for.

2. How Easy it is to Earn Miles

When you select a mileage program, the main thing to consider is whether the airline makes it easier for you to earn air miles. Although the program would advertise you plenty of ways to earn miles, some of these would just be out of reach and impractical. There’s little benefit in a mileage program if you don’t exactly find ways to earn air miles. Miles can be earned in several ways. Most typically, you can do it through credit card sign ups, dining programs, shopping online and even completing surveys online.

3. Is it Easy to Redeem Miles?

The problem with some frequent flyer programs is that it gets very easy to earn a pool of air miles. However, when it comes to using them the flyer seldom has any options. This is where the program fails to do any good to you.

When you select a program, ensure that the miles are easy to redeem throughout the year. Not all redemption options would work out to be ideal for you. For this reason, a program needs to give you enough options before you select one.

4. Partners and Alliances

This is possibly the most important thing to consider when you hunt for the perfect frequent flyer for yourself. Airline alliances are amazing and can make it easier for you to earn and redeem air miles. When you select a program, ensure that your mileage program is affiliated with any of the three major ones; oneworld, Star Alliance and Sky Team. It’s always a plus to choose such programs. Alternatively, you can also pay attention to any programs where the airline partners are many in number which makes it easy to earn and redeem miles.